Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Korean BB cream swatches! Skin 79, pink, orange, and green.

Don't you love samples? Well I do!

Skin 79 Swatch Time!

As you may have noticed, I am a very very pale girl. I have been told that I glow on several occasions because of my inability to produce anything similar to a tan. This makes it hard to find products, especially korean products that actually match my skin! Luckily, last time my mom was in portland she went to Pretty and Cute and the lovely ladies gave her some BB cream samples for me to try!

Here are the wet swatches of my lovely samples, next to my MUFE matt velvet+ in #15 as you can see the green is remarkably light for a BB cream which is pretty awesome!

Here are the swatches after some rubbing and and oxidizing, I also decided to add my MUFE #20 for a bit more color reference. As I labeled, the orange tube 79 is a warmer tone while the pink is a cooler tone, the green is the lightest and seems to be more of a cool/neutral tone to me. 

On my own trip to pretty and cute I decided to pick up a bottle of the 79 green and so far I really love it, I hope to post a review soon!

Any comments or questions about skin 79 BB creams or paleness? Feel free to ask below!

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  1. I love this review hun, you have done a great job!
    Love the swatches and pictures :)
    keep it up.
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    Let me know if you visit and I follow back

    lots of love xx