Monday, May 5, 2014

My Rattie Babies.

A post dedicated to my little pets ^^

How I ended up with rats:

I never really expected to get rats, I considered getting a fennec fox, but never rats. It all started when my boyfriend got a ball python,  lovely animals really but they have a bit of a flaw, they eat rats, specifically baby rats when they are small. I tried to avoid the topic completely, not be there when it was "feeding day" but eventually it happened, I bonded with the food.

We were in the car after picking up the "snake food" which I refused to even look at for this exact reason. My boyfriend was messing with the box at a red light, for some reason opened it and then noticed the light turned green and put the box between us. The box was open, and the "snake food" was going to fall on the floor, so I grabbed the box and saw inside.
This adorable, close eyed little baby. The softest, sweetest little baby ever, I immediately started bawling and made her a cosy home in my sock. That was about that, I started making baby rat formula and the snake got a new owner. 

Oswin now lives the good rat life with her friend Arwen since rats are social critters and aren't as happy living alone. They are honestly the sweetest most loving pets, they take rides on my shoulders, come when I call them, and they never bite, even when my boyfriend squishes them.

Mad props if you can guess the nerdy origins of my little ratties' names!!!

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