Saturday, May 31, 2014

Peripera My Color Lips #8 Lipstick Review

Today I will be reviewing my favorite lipstick: Peripera My Color Lips #8 Lilac Pink


Upon opening the delightfully pink box you get one of the most loveliest packaged makeups I have ever seen. The outside cover is a light pink, translucent plastic covered in cherry blossoms with silver detailing. The base has a elegant design and the plastic has a metallic finish that hasn't shown any sign of wear even though I keep it in my purse from time to time.
The lipstick itself is a very feminine shade of pink, the lilac undertone makes it work with my cool toned skin and I just feel so girly when I wear it! The application is super smooth and nicely opaque. The feel on the lips is very smooth with a slight grainy feeling if you rub your lips together but it is really very slight. The smell is really nice because the lipstick is infused with rose hip oil, making it have a lovely sweet rose scent. For lasting power I would call it moderate, not bad or good but you will have to do a touch up or two during the night depending on how often you eat/drink.
Another thing I love about Peripera My Color lips is the color selection! Look at all the lovely tones to choose from! These lipsticks are a bit pricey but I honestly want to get many more. Maybe 1,2,7,15,21,24, and 28?? I wish peripera was a bit easier to get ahold of but you can get most of the colors on amazon^^


Have you tried any Peripera products? How do you like them? Remember to add your blog URL so that I can visit you back! I will also fallow for fallow just let me know you would like to and fallow me on google+ or bloglovin!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Trip to portland! Shopping!

This last weekend my mother and I went for a shopping trip in Portland Oregon! Even though it was raining most of the time we had a total blast! 

The first stop was pretty and cute, a super awesome shop that carries Asian makeup brands like Lioele, holikaholika, dolly wink, Tonymolly, etude house, skin79, and skin food! I was so excited to try what I got that I say there in the hotel room staring at it!

 Though it was damp we enjoyed tasty treats at the neat Korean markets, including jack fruit, lots of sushi and even fresh creampuffs, mine was green tea flavored! YUM!

 I even picked up some on sale popin cookin candies! I hope to make a post with lots of fun pics on how the little treats come out!

 On the way home we much munched on lychee, sushi, and tobiko(flying fish eggs)

Along with pretty and cute, I also got to go to sephora, forever 21, and LUSH.
 At sephora I ended up impulse buying the Two faced pardon my French special summer set but it is so cute!  

It comes with an adorable makeup bag, full sized eyeliner, half sized mascara, the bonjour summer palette in a super cute metal tin and a mini primer! 

In total my haul included:

Anastasia brow gel blonde
Juicy couture nior  perfume sample
Especially Escada delicate notes perfume
Sephora gold flake nail polish
Two faced pardon my french

Fairly traded honey shampoo
Silky underwear dusting powder
Vinilla puff dusting powder

Pretty and cute:
Lioele pop tint orange
Lioele pop tint cherry (for a friend)
Holikaholika Mineral aura bijue
Skin Food peach sake toner

Forever 21:
4 very cute dresses
1 pair of shorts 

Have any of there products? How do you like them? Feel free to request a review on anything I got on my trip! Please feel free to post your blog URL and I will visit you back!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

First mushrooms of the new year!

I am so happy it has finally stopped freezing and the mushrooms are starting to pop!
Morels are delicious and very easy to identify! They are just starting to come up so sadly we did not find a lot but there were enough to make a very tasty quiche! Morels are fantastic with the subtle flavor of eggs so I highly recommend a morel breakfast for your first morel meal! 

Though we didn't find many mushrooms it was still incredibly beautiful out! The spring was gorgeous and the little bracken fern fiddleheads were just coming up! 

Have you been out in the forest yet this spring? Leave comments and your blog url below! 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tonymoly Lip Tint Review

 Todays review is Tonymolly Cat Chu Wink Tony Tint!


I do have to admit that this was an impulse buy when I was at pretty and cute in Portland but in my defense, it is a lip tint with an adorable black cat on the top, need I say more?
I really love the red of this tint, It works well with my pale skin. The tint itself is a bit hard to apply evenly because it is so thin, it also makes me nervous to put in my purse incase I don't put the top on tight enough!
The stain by itself is ok though I am not in love with the way it dries, it lasts a long time and when finished off with a shear lipstick or balm it looks way better! As for the taste/smell It is ok but kind of smells and tastes like Crayola markers. Not that I ever tasted Crayola markers....Ok I did but I was a strange kid and I am mentally much better now I swear!




I like this tint and I will continue to use it but, when I run out I will probably go looking at  other tints of the same hue to see if I like something else more.

Try any other lip tints? What is your favorite? Leave your blog URL so I can visit you back!