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Mushroom Disclaimer

Please do not use my blog as a definitive way to identify your mushrooms. If you live in the pacific northwest I suggest you pick up both of David Arora's books, Mushrooms Demystified and The field guide What the Rains May Bring. In addition I suggest going out with an experienced mushroom hunter until you feel that you can identify with 100% confidence the mushroom you are going to eat, I on many occasions have passed up wonderful edible mushrooms because I was not 100% sure with my identification, pretty sure is never good enough. 

If you are not 100% sure just ask yourself, is it worth a liver transplant. I think not.

On the other hand I am happy to help!

Yummy yummy hedgehogs <3

If you have a mushroom you really really want help identifying I will be more then happy to assist you! Just e-mail me:

Multiple angles of the mushroom in question (Cap, stalk, gills, whole)

Oder: what does it smell like?

Staining: when you press or bruise it, is there a color change? What color?

Where was it growing? Deciduous? Coniferous? Growing in soil? Duff? On wood?

When it comes to gilled mushrooms I will most likely not be able to give you a definitive answer if you did not pick the entire mushroom, cutting off the base of a mushroom could cut off a important feature called the cup, without it I will not be able to discern with 100% certainty between some edible and highly dangerous mushrooms without being there myself to be sure of all other features.

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